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  • FTP Commander Deluxe

  • Automatically restart interrupted transfers or manually restart paused transfers from the point it left off. No more time wasted supervising the program during uploads or downloads. 
    arrowNewsgroup Commander Pro 9.05

    Newsgroup Commander Pro is a news reader program which simplifies complex searches in Usenet archives.

    Newsgroup Commander Pro is the fastest way to find any information you're looking for in news group archives. The program allows the fastest messages downloading from selected newsgroups. Newsgroup Commander extracts information from newsgroups using multiple include/exclude keyword filters based on article contents and subjects. You can use your selected keywords to scan the target audience and only return the information you are interested in.

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  • Newsgroup Commander Pro includes the following features and options:

    • Search for messages using keywords.
    • Built-in newsgroup reader for online / offline reading of messages.
    • View individual messages within a newgroup for reading.
    • Multiple include/exclude filters to search and find articles by content..
    • Manages unlimited newsgroups, filters, addresses, etc.
    • Post Messages

    The operation is performed as follows:

    1. Run the program.
    2. Click "New NNTP" on the server list panel.
    3. Specify NNTP server settings. You can learn them from your ISP or from the administrator or the NNTP server to which you wish to connect.
    4. Click "Get List". Wait while the program is downloading the discussion groups list. When downloaded, the list is saved by the program, so you do not need to download it again. Please note that the groups download command may vary from server to server. Therefore please select the proper command for the current server in the program settings.
    5. Save the settings.
    6. Select the newly added server.
    7. Choose a topic and click the "Check News" button. Wait while Newsgroup Commander Pro is downloading the articles list and then starts downloading articles.
    8. Wait while the program is connecting to the server and the "Stop All" button lights up. If the "Stop All" button does not light up, check the NNTP server settings and your computer settings. It is possible that you have a firewall installed on your computer to protect from viruses or unauthorized network connections. Configure your firewall so that Newsgroup Commander Pro has privileges when working through the corresponding port. Usually it is port 119.
    9. You can stop the process using the "Stop All" button and proceed with viewing articles offline.
    NNTP & Newsgroups

    Unlike e-mail, which is a conversation between two people, Usenet is a conversation between many people. Usenet is an international place for a meeting, where people get together to discuss various events, where one can learn the latest computer world news and discuss anything of interest. You do not know your company's appearance, age, etc. You will be judged by your words and your ability to express and formulate your point of view. Users themselves follow the newsgroups etiquette based on worked out rules. A moderator (a newsgroup administrator and supervisor) keeps the order.

    News is sent between special so called 'news servers' via the NNTP protocol. Newsgroup system software consists of two parts: an NNTP server and a newsgroup client. The Newsgroup server is a program that manages discussion groups and delivers messages to other computers (if the network is available). You can read news by connecting to one of news servers using special software called a newsgroup reader (or a usenet client). Using a usenet client, it is also possible to send your own messages. This software has something in common with e-mail clients.

    For example, the popular Newsgroup Commander Pro allows you to search, read, reply, and send new messages using a simple, yet handy, interface.

    A main benefit of NNTP is speed: after all the news is downloaded, you can read it offline. Alternatively, when using a web forum, you have to manually open each branch or topic to view new messages, which takes a lot of time.

    Nowadays, there are many newsgroup servers. The availability of newsgroups for viewing is determined by the owner of the ISP you are dealing with.

    Newsgroups have hierarchical content structure. This allows you to display articles more conveniently, as compared to common mailing lists. Each news server has a list of topics that can be discussed. Topics may vary greatly from server to server: humor, entertainment, style and fashion, jobs, sports, computers, software, hobbies, music, science, world news, marketing, politics and more. Many topics are connected with a local geographic district, this allows you, say, to send an ad about selling your car and be sure that only people from your district will receive it.

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